Monday, April 19, 2010

Just Because...!

This morning, Abilehi dropped Ammon off at our place so that he could hang out with Alegria and me while Abilehi was at work. It's taking some time for Alegria to warm up to Ammon, but I'm sure she'll warm up to him soon. :)

We went to Story Time at the library and learned about bugs. Afterwards, as Abilehi was cleaning up, Alegria found a bee hand puppet and tried it out!

Then she decided to help in the clean-up effort:

Back home and after a nap, we just relaxed:

When Cameron came home from work, he had a beautiful tulip bouquet for me...just because!!! He added his tulips to the daisies already in the pretty!!! :)

What a wonderful day!!!

Good night!!! :)

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