Saturday, April 17, 2010

Temple Trip

On our way to the Temple in San Antonio, Alegria and Abilehi watched some Baby Signing Time videos:

Then they put their makeup on:

In San Antonio, it was raining really hard! In fact, when we were in our session in the Temple, the lights even flickered! However; when we got out, the rain had stopped and Alegria was playing out on the Temple grounds:

On our way to grab a bite to eat, Abilehi kept Alegria awake by intriguing her with a pirate's eye patch that Abilehi had forgotten to take out of her purse from the week's Pirate theme at the Library:

We made it to our traditional after-the-Temple treat, Whataburger, without having Alegria fall asleep! Phew! And it was a good thing, too, because she was hungry!

On our way back to the car, we noticed a big beetle and showed it to Alegria. I think she was impressed by its size...and intimidated, too!

A few photos with the family (Mami had a stake Relief Society meeting she was translating at and couldn't come today):

Bye-bye Abuelo!

On the way home, we were all exhausted and slept. Also, we brought Ammon back with us so he could stay and visit for about a week. Fun times! :)

Abilehi keeping Alegria's head propped up...and a shot of her beautiful manicure!

Back home, Abilehi and Ammon went back to Abilehi's place and we Marlows relaxed the rest of the evening.

Alegria really loves spreading out her blankets now and laying down on them:

For some reason, though, and I don't remember the reason why, she threw a tantrum! Here's a video to show to her later on in life as evidence against her! Hahaha! At the end of the video, she calms down and signs "cookie" and attempts to sign " ILU - I Love You." Maybe we'd denied her the cookie beforehand, I honestly can't remember, but the signing sure made us want to treat her!

Then it was bath time and Daddy had a fun time styling Alegria's flowing locks:

Now after a long day, we're all off to bed!

Good night!!! :)

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