Saturday, April 10, 2010

Garden Tea Party!

This morning, Daddy mowed the yard while Alegria and I played "peek-a-boo" from her swing:

Adventuresome Allie!

Later, Daddy and Alegria went to go see Cyrus:

In the meantime, I made some banana bread in my breadmaker:

Once the breadmaker was going and Alegria was in bed, I headed over to Andrea's house for a Garden Tea Party! Well...we didn't actually drink tea, but aside from that, it was so proper and delectable that the Queen of England herself could have come over and been quite at home! The fare was delicious! We had cucumber sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, ham wraps, and a large variety of sweets, from lemony poppyseed finger cakes to individual-sized molten chocolate lava cakes!

We ladies had a wonderful time chatting and basking in the fact, some got sunburned! Ouch! But it was well worth it! We hadn't a care in the world as we enjoyed Andrea's wonderful hospitality.

At the end of the party, we each got to take home a bouquet of flowers (we'd each brought a bouquet to exchange) AND Andrea surprised us all and gave us a tea cup and saucer to take home as well. Andrea's parties are always wonderful and make us feel so special! Thanks for the party, Andrea!!! :) Here's a picture of our group (I'm in the red hat):

Back home, Alegria was up from her nap and we just relaxed.

When it was time for dinner, Cameron fired up the grill:

Here's a picture of the beautiful bouquet and tea cup I came home with:

And here's the banana bread, all done!!! :)

Let me tell you...the banana bread was yummy!!! :)

After dinner, it was clean-up time and Alegria did her fair share:

What an awesome day! :)

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