Thursday, April 1, 2010

Squadron Dining Out

First order of business today was playgroup! Kerri hosted not only playgroup, but a surprise baby shower for Amanda and Mollie at her new house today! Here's Alegria playing with one of the balloons:

I should have gotten pictures of the beautiful decorations and food and gifts, but I didn't think of it...mostly because after the short moments of playing with the balloons...Alegria kept climbing up the stairs! And that meant I kept having to climb up after her:

I kept telling Alegria that she could get "one more toy" as I showed her my pointer finger pointed up to signify "just one"...and sure enough, after that, each time she'd climb up to Quinn's room, as I'd be coming after her, she'd turn around and give me that same "just one more" gesture! It was too funny...I couldn't help it! She was so cute, so I let her keep going up for "just one more." :) By the end of playgroup, I think almost ALL of Quinn's toys were downstairs!

Mollie having an upset moment:

That afternoon, after Alegria had her nap, we got her bag together and headed over to Little Josh's house, where we dropped Alegria off for the evening.

Cameron and I then went to the Squadron Dining Out.

Cameron and one of the other LTs, Lieutenant Snider:

A group from Fox Troop:

After dinner, there was the grog ceremony. It was really neat! Each time the commander for each of the troops would add a different alcoholic beverage, there was a military significance to each place that the beverage was from. As the beverage was poured, snippets of music were played. My favorite part was close to the end when they said that the grog was never complete without the contribution of the non-commissioned officers. At this point, the non-commissioned officers rallied around the grog and they added "sweat from a sock" (lemonade twisted out of a sock), "dirt" (brown sugar), and other things, including "swamp water" (I don't know what this actually was)...the "swamp water" was poured from a military gasoline tank (I think that's what it was!) that had a sign on it saying that it had been "rejected by U.S. customs!"

Anyway. After the ceremony and all of the formalities, Cameron and I got a few pictures with some friends and then headed out.

Me, Kerri, and Lauren:

Kerri and Justin:

When we got to the Hawkins' place, Alegria was actually asleep in Josh's pack-n-play in their office! We were surprised! Apparently, not long before we called to say we were on our way, Alegria had grabbed Big Bear and a blanket and laid down on the living room floor. So Andrea asked her if she wanted to go to sleep, to which Alegria said yes to! So they got her set up in the office and Alegria fell asleep! I felt bad waking her up, but I had missed her and just wanted to hold her and cuddle her...our sweet little Angel!

As soon as we walked into the office to get her, Alegria woke up (she's a light sleeper), and she was more than happy to jump into my arms. :)

Finally we got home and now she's in bed and now it's Cameron's and my turn to go to bed.

Good night!

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