Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bubble Blower

This morning, Alegria very much enjoyed blowing bubbles with her Uncle Ammon, who taught her the fine art:

They looked so cute sitting and watching TV together as I rushed ar0und getting stuff ready for us to go!

I had a few errands to run today. One of our stops was Hobby Lobby, where I bought a few things for decorations for tomorrow. Alegria saw these decorative pink pacifiers I bought and wanted to suck on one! Silly girl!!!

At Wal-Mart, STILL sucking on the fake pacifier, Alegria enjoyed seeing the fish in the top aquariums...which she never really gets a good look at when she's at the store with just me! But with Uncle Ammon, he can hoist her way up high!

Back home, after her nap, Alegria awoke to the wonderful aroma of cake baking and just had to have some!

Instead of having her eat the small scraps of cake she was eating, I decided to let her have an entire oval-shaped cupcake. They were still warm from the oven and Alegria used her air-blowing-to-cool skills to make it cool enough to eat:

When Daddy got home, there was all sorts of fun to be had!

At the end of the night when I'm tidying up Alegria's room before Cameron puts her to bed, I tend to find Big Bear in odd places...I guess he wanted a window breeze to cool off his warm fur!

Buenas Noches!!! :)

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