Thursday, April 22, 2010

It's a...


We looked and looked...and looked some more...and saw nothing to imply we'd be having a Odette Marie Marlow it is!!!

This is a view if you're looking from under her chin, up to her lips and on towards her nose (on the right):

(The same picture from above, labeled):

The next two pictures are of her face, looking straight at can see the area where the eye sockets are...Skeletor anyone?! We got a similar picture of Alegria when we had Alegria's ultrasound!

And here's our darling Odette, lying pretty for us to get a profile picture of her! She has the same nice, round shape of a head that Alegria did!!! :)

This second shot the ultrasound technician took of her profile is a little blurry...

Of course, I HAD to add a bow! (I took a snapshot of just one of these shots for the first picture in this blog post!)

Here's a picture of one of Odette's dainty little feet!


And here's one of both of her feet, except Odette kept moving so much that the technician had trouble getting a clear shot of them! :(


And I have NO IDEA what the next two are pictures of! If any of you are experts and can tell, please let me know! :)

And those are your first view of our youngest little one!

When Kerri found out the day I was going to get my ultrasound done, she suggested I not tell any of them in our playgroup and just host a gender reveal party...everyone would come dressed wearing either blue or pink, depending on what they thought I was having...and as soon as they walked in the door, they would know!!! :) So that's what I did!!!

It was difficult, though, to not put up on my Facebook page the fact that we've known we're having a girl for almost a week now! (We did let our immediate family know on the 16th when we found out, of course, and luckily they didn't post any incriminating posts on our Facebook pages!) I also made Cameron take a vow of silence so that he wouldn't spill the beans to Justin at work and Justin accidentally spill the beans to Kerri! I didn't want Kerri to find out!

Here's a picture of the cake I made:

Yes, those booties are all cake! :)

The kids had fun playing...Alegria had fun taking any decorations off that she could get her hands on!

Here are how the odds stacked up: Kerri and Amanda thought girl, and Shelly, Tasha, and Allie thought boy!

Allie brought some delicious brownies that she had decorated...mmm! I LOVE chocolate!!! :)

The party was tons of fun, but Alegria and I were sure tired when it was all said and done! We were very happy to have a nice nap in anticipation of Daddy coming home that afternoon...

Daddy sporting his protective eye gear (Eye Pro):

I decorated with pink for today's party, but forgot to get pictures beforehand...but here they are candles in lieu of my usual red, a pink butterfly, and yellow ribbon:

Pink curling ribbon everywhere (which Ammon helped me with!)!

And a centerpiece with pink gems and pink pacifiers:

So Alegria will be having a little baby sister!!! We're so very excited for the two of them to be the best of friends!!! :) YAY!!! We love you already, Odette, and we can't wait to meet you!!! :)

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