Saturday, April 3, 2010

Egg Dyeing

Today the first order of business was to fertilize the lawn in hopes that it will get greener and fuller as the season progresses:

Alegria hiding behind the office chair:

Like Daddy, like Daughter!

Ah! The view!

Finally, it was time to dye Easter eggs!!!

Alegria didn't want to just be a spectator...

...and we soon learned that she would most definitely need an apron! Since we don't have one child-sized, we had to make do with rolling her up in mine!

We tried getting her to dip the egs in the dye herself:

By the end, she finally got brave enough:

Eating one of her masterpieces:

Later on, Alegria helped Daddy hang up a humongous picture:

After nap time, it was play time...or is that...snack time...?

Daddy filling up holes that Isis has decorated our backyard with:

Isis really is a good dog, though...aside from the digging, she plays really well with Alegria:

Alegria: "I'm thirsty!"

Alegria: "Ah! This is the life!"

Daddy assessing the wind damage to a few fence boards:

We love Saturdays!

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