Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pretty Patient

Alegria has seen me spray my hair with a water bottle when I need to wet it for styling, and she decided she wanted me to spray it on her, too...until I actually did it!

Our morning activity consisted of going to the doctor's for a routine appointment. I'm so glad Alegria is a pretty well behaved child! All I need to do is bring plenty of entertainment and juice and snacks and she does really well! :)

I don't know if you can tell, but Alegria has a scar on her nose. The other day when I was bringing toys into our bedroom for her to play with while I got showered and ready, she was running out of the room as I was walking in carrying her toy drum...and she ran right into the bottom rim of it with her nose! Ouch! At least it wasn't a black eye that she got!

After my appointment, we went to see Daddy in his office and then to lunch with him. Here, Alegria took his binoculars from his desk drawer and was having fun looking through them:

Anyone for a round of billiards?

Alegria was quite upset when it was time to go home. Poor little pool shark! ;)

By the way, everything at my appointment went well. The baby's heart beat was good, the baby's growth was good, and my blood pressure was good. :)

And that was it for today!

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