Thursday, May 14, 2009

Babes in Boxes

This morning I emptied out another box from the garage. Alegria found the box interesting! :) Not interesting enough, though...she didn't climb in it or anything. I'm sure that will come a little later!

Later on today, Alegria and I attended a baby shower. It was pretty fun and we got to hang out with a few sisters and their children. Actually, two husbands were there, too, and they participated in some of the games. One of the games we played was sculpting babies out of play-doh. The mother got to choose which one she liked best...and that was mine! I had sculpted a crawling baby and she liked it the best. She also said it reminded her of Franklin the Turtle. (I made it from green play-doh!) Alegria did really well. I thought she would be clingy and fussy (since it was past her bedtime), but she was crawling around, exploring her new surroundings, and just having a grand old time! Also, since there were some light refreshments there, I gave her some fruit. She did NOT like the honeydew melon, but she did like the cantaloupe. I had to start tearing off small chunks of the cantaloupe because she began biting off large pieces and I don't think she's quite ready for such large pieces yet! Here she is playing with a musical book.

After the baby shower, Alegria and I came home. I nursed her and got her ready for bed and she was pretty much OUT right away!

As for Cameron and our travel plans, they keep changing. Earlier today, Cameron told me that he'd drive or fly down after graduation and then a day later we'd fly to Montana, but then tonight, after looking at the prices for plane tickets, we're going to try to go to Montana the last week of May instead. Tomorrow we're supposed to know dates FOR SURE, so I'm excited to finally know what our summer will look like!!! :)

Well, that's it for now! Good night!!!

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