Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gun Show Day

Today we got an early start. We left the house at 9 and went to Fort Hood. Cameron wanted to check out the stables on post. At first, we drove to where the stables were. There happened to be a couple grooming their horse there, and so Cameron spoke to them about boarding a horse at the Fort Hood stables. They directed us to an office building where we could get more information on shots for Cyrus, etc. At that point, Alegria was already tired of her car seat, so while we waited, I let her roam around on my lap. Cameron received a call on his phone, but he was inside, so here I am talking on the phone while Alegria eats the window.

Abilehi and Cameron were able to get Alegria to give the camera a big smile! :)

We also went to the Post Exchange (PX - a shopping "mall" on post) to look for a dog tag chain for Cameron. Alegria had busted his about a day after he arrived here. We couldn't find one right away, so we just left. On the way to the Gun Show, Alegria and Abilehi both fell asleep.

We arrived at the Belton Expo! Center at about 11. Cameron purchased tickets for all of us (save the baby), and we went in to the Gun Show.

There were tons and tons of guns for sale at the Gun Show! I even saw a small, cute, red one! Cameron was looking for a scope for his M4, so while he talked to salespeople about their scopes, Abilehi, Alegria and I checked the rest of the place out. There were jewelry booths as well as purse booths and sunglasses booths! That was the most exciting for me! They also had a few essential oil booths, metal works booths, jerkey and meat processing booths, and a Shamwow booth. Abilehi enjoyed petting a puppy that a couple had brought in with them. Finally, we left. Cameron had gotten a couple of business cards and said that because he's not even going to be in the area yet, he'd wait to see about purchasing a scope.

When we got home, Cameron was so excited about all of the guns, though, that he brought out his M4 to do a deep cleaning on it. :) He was shy about me getting a picture of him at first...

So I just got whatever shots I could...

And he thought that once we had a baby he'd never be a subject in another one of my pictures!!! How wrong he was!!! :)

He wanted me to get a picture of him and Alegria as he held his M4...

In this one he's "mean." (Though Alegria doesn't think he's very mean at all!)

In this one he's crazy! :)

Now he's just Daddy...

...sharing a tender moment with his little girl.

Alegria's not too interested in holding the M4 when he tries to have her handle it... Oh well!

Later on, Cameron and Abilehi play a game of "Speed." Alegria wants to play!

And last but not least, Cameron and I pose for the cameron. Once the baby was in bed, he and I left Abilehi at home with Alegria and he and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner to celebrate our 4-year anniversay which is on Monday!!!

What a great ending to a great day! :)

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