Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life is good!

Today was a wonderful day!

Here are a few pictures of some of the events of today:

Cameron put together the table saw that we bought.

Cameron made the bed and Alegria helped! :)

We went to Fort Hood to get a sticker for my car so that we can get on Post with it. Here Alegria and I are waiting in the waiting area while Cameron gets the paperwork filled out and turned in.

Then at lunch time, Alegria decided she wanted to use three spoons at once! :)

After lunch, we went to my friend Pauline's house. I had asked if we could borrow her truck so that Cameron could bring home some wood that he wanted to buy and the wood would be too long to transport in our car. She, of course, said yes, and since she lives on the next block from our house, we took a short walk over. While we were there, Cameron offered to stack some firewood she needed to get stored. :)

Later on, Alegria enjoyed exploring the bottom of the kitchen table and her high chair while I made dinner.

After a while, she got bored with that and came to see what I was up to. I picked her up and was putting away ingredients that I was done with, but when she saw the Parsley flakes she decided she wanted to play with them. I didn't think any harm would come of that, so I let her have the container, thinking that the screw cap would stay on. Who know a 9-month old could unscrew something?! you have it...Alegria's first big mess! (Not including feeding time messes!)

Finally the day was done and Cameron gave Alegria a bath. He amused himself at giving her a "gangster" part in her hair. :)

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