Monday, May 11, 2009

Quiet day at home...

As the entry title states, it was a quiet day at home. Alegria and I played and just hung out. When Abilehi came home was when the fun started! Hahaha! It was hot, so I took Alegria's capri pants off...and then put them on her head! It looks like she's wearing a bandana!

Here she's taking a walk with Abilehi...

I love that little grin of hers!!! So CUTE!!!

Here I'm holding Alegria on my hip and trying to get a closeup of the pants on her head...

No matter what she's wearing, Alegria always looks cute!!! :)

While Abilehi got ready for FHE, Alegria played with a few toys of hers on the edge of the tub.

There's that grin of hers!!! It brings out her chubby cheeks! :)

And here Abilehi is "throwing" Alegria up in the air. Alegria thoroughly enjoyed that!!!

Well, that was about it for today. Nothing too exciting! :)

Good night!

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