Sunday, May 17, 2009

Splendid Sunday

Today was a splendid Sunday! So many great things happened!

Alegria slept 10 full hours...all through the night! Had I gone to bed earlier last night, I would have reaped the benefits. :)

We got to Church a little early, too! That's twice in a row. We've got to continue doing that!

And (drum roll, please!), Alegria stayed content all through sacrament meeting and so there was no need for me to go out AT ALL to walk with her or nurse her! It was amazing! It was also ward conference so I was able to listen to the talks and the music and everything, all the while enjoying having our beautiful little girl at my side.

After Church, I was set apart for my calling as first counselor in the Primary. Even though I remained as the first counselor, because they changed everyone else in the Primary presidency, they had to set me apart all over again. As we waited for me to be called in, Alegria crawled around and pulled herself up on the chairs in the waiting area. As you can tell, she's pretty tired by this point. Once home, she took a two-hour nap. Abilehi and I had lunch after Alegria went to bed and then we followed suite. :)

After our naps, we all woke up and just enjoyed each other's company. A little before 5, Alegria and I dropped Abilehi off and she went with the Stake Relief Society president to a Young Single Adult (YSA) meeting in Temple, which is about 40 minutes away. Then Alegria and I returned home.

At home, I fed Alegria some chicken noodle baby food and some mixed berry and banana fruit. Even though she had a bib on, she managed to get her dress dirty, so for the rest of the evening as we played around, I had her in just a diaper. In this picture, she was quite happy that she was able to get my phone from me.

In this one she's asking me if she can call China. I told her no. :) Hahaha!

Alegria went to bed pretty easily tonight and then I stayed up and worked on uploading pictures while I waited for Abilehi to come home.

Once home, Abilehi told me about the Fireside she went to and we had some dinner.

Oh! I almost forgot! We decided that we would buy our plane tickets today, and sure enough, the tickets we originally wanted for Cameron to come home had skyrocketed $200 more, so we had to get him a flight to come home a day later. Cameron was pretty upset about that, but now his tickets are purchased and so are mine and Alegria's for when we leave with Cameron to go to Kentucky. YAY!!!


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