Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Working Wednesday was a working Wednesday for Cameron. He worked some more on the fence, hung some picutres, and put our American flag up outside our house. Alegria and I pretty much stayed inside and chilled. She loves playing with my sunglasses...she's so cute! I just love her to pieces!!! :)

And when Daddy was done putting up some pictures in the kitchen and the office, Alegria found the hammer and played with it a little!

Cameron's level was also new and exciting! (Don't worry, we were both watching her to make sure she didn't get hurt!)

Daddy's guitar stand also intrigued her...

Here Cameron's teaching Alegria how to measure things...

And here Alegria decided to measure how high the sky goes!

I told Cameron that I feel terrible that he's been doing so much work and I feel like I'm on vacation! He replied that the house is clean and that Alegria is healthy and happy and so therefore, I'm doing a wondeful job. Isn't he great?!? No wonder I love him!!!

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