Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

Today we got to spend the day as a family, with our very own veteran. We love you, Baby/Daddy! Thank you for all you do for us...your sacrifices do not go unnoticed.

Our day went rather well...other than Alegria not sleeping much. She woke up a little before 4. At about 4:15 I nursed her and put her back in her crib at 4:30. It seemed as though she was going to go back to sleep...but I was wrong. Finally, at about 5:30, I got her out of bed. She was so tired that she just kind of moaned quietly as I sang to her and rocked her. I put her back in her crib at 6 and she slept again.

At 7, Alegria woke up. Cameron went to get her and brought her to me in bed, where I nursed her again. He went on a run. Then I got up with Alegria and we played a little and practiced walking. After a little of that, I fed Alegria some oatmeal. Abilehi woke up and I apologized for the racket that Alegria had made this morning. I felt bad because Abilehi had the day off and here she was, awake early.

At 9:30, I tried putting Alegria down for a nap. She was tired and fell asleep in my arms, but when I tried putting her in her crib, she wouldn't go. I was anticipating taking a nap while she napped, so it was frustrating. At 10, Cameron came (he'd been working in the garage) and took Alegria and played with her while I went to sleep. He told me later that they went to the city park and saw geese and turtles! I wish I had gone to take pictures of Alegria seeing those animals for the first time! :(

At 12:30, Cameron came to the bedroom and let me know that he was going to go buy some stain for our fence. WOW! I had slept from about 10:30-12:30! Cameron let me know that Alegria was sleeping. I couldn't believe she had gone to sleep without having nursed!

I got up and showered and then Alegria woke up at about 1. I wasn't surprised. So I nursed her and I thought she'd go to sleep, but she didn't. So we went to hang out with Abilehi.

We left Alegria with Abilehi and Cameron and I went to the garage. I handed Cameron boxes and bins and other objects to store in the attic. It was so hot in there, Cameron was literally covered in sweat! The garage is getting closer to being empty now and that's good! I'm so glad Cameron is here to help me with that! :)

After working in the garage, we came in and Cameron played with Alegria.

He even brushed her hair! Aw! How cute! :)

He put a side split in her you like it? :)

Later, as I was getting dinner ready, Cameron took Alegria out to the back to gaze at the scenery behind the house...

What a tender moment! (In case you can't tell, Cameron is kissing Alegria's chubby little cheek!)

Here they two loves! :)

I have been trying to get dinner on the table before Alegria goes to bed. I really enjoy doing this because then Alegria gets to interact with us as we're having dinner. Here we have a closeup of her hairstyle, courtesy of Daddy:

Here she is playing with her hands!

Will you offer the prayer, Alegria?


Thank you! :)

Last but not least, Daddy gave Alegria a bath and put her to bed. :)

It sure was a great day! It was not much different than any other, but because we've had so few of these "normal" everyday days this year, we take each one as a great day. We're together and that's what matter what the day brings! :)

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