Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Who decided that time had to fly? It's already been nine months since Alegria's was born!!! It's been going way too fast!!! Today Alegria turned 9 months old and I just can't believe my eyes!

Since I don't have much to say for the beginning of the day, I'll just let the pictures do the talking...

For this next one, I WILL interject. You may remember that I mentioned Alegria is getting to the point where she does not like to pose for the camera anymore...well, at least not in a lying down position. I very rarely get any good shots of her anymore...many a times I get a shot of her back. In this one, I was lucky to get her smiling face in it because let me tell you...I feel like she is laughing at me the whole time she's moseying away!!! :)

Awww! I love how she's holding her little hands together in this one!

So a little while ago I decided to try to get a picture of her on the coffee table. It worked the first time I did it and she took a great shot! This time, however, she was not as fearful of the edge of the table and tried (successfully!) to shimmy herself off!!!

I love this picture I got of her before she took off! It almost reminds me of Elvis with the collar up like that! And boy, does she have a cute smile!!! :)

Here's a video of her shimmy. It actually almost looks like she's doing the break dancing "worm" move. :)

Today I also had a Primary Presidency meeting. It was nice! We met at the Primary President's house, where she fed us lunch and we discussed the upcoming June Primary activity. While we were there, I thought Alegria would take a nap because she hadn't napped much this morning, but it turns out that she was so intrigued by all of the unfamiliar toys and the new place that she was exploring the whole time!

Well, the meeting had gone well and I was in a good mood...until...I saw flashing lights behind me on my way home. Yes, the cop was after me. So I pulled over and he explained to me that I had been going 53 in a 35. No officer, really, I thought the speed limit was 53! (Dyslexia anyone?) Hehehe! :) Just kidding. The reason I was speeding (without knowing it, mind you), was that Alegria was starting to get sleepy and therefore fussy and crying, so I was singing at the top of my lungs to cheer her up and I kept looking at her through the baby mirror to see if she'd fall asleep. I was distracted and was not paying attention to the speed I was going. I have learned my lesson, though, because that is one expensive ticket! For every mile I was going over, I was fined $5, plus an additional $94 tax. Luckily, I get to take a Driving Safety Course (DSC) to dismiss the ticket and to avoid points on my license. So I don't have to pay the $184, but I still have to pay a $104 DSC fee. Phooey!

I called Cameron after I got home and Alegria was in her crib taking a nap. I was so upset I cried. I've never had a speeding ticket before. Cameron made me feel better, though. I love him so much! He's so great!

Well, now Abilehi and I are going to go straighten our hair and fold laundry.

Good night!


  1. Awww! I love her!!! :D I can't believe she's already 9 months old...she'll be walking before we know it! I had to do the defensive driving course...for not making a complete stop (according to the cop...even though I did!) at a stop sign. My first ticket, too. Stinks.

  2. Oh, that was 2 years ago, though. :P I was just empathizing with you. :)


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