Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ready for Volleyball!!!

Today was volleyball day at church, so I decided to dress Alegria a little sporty casual. She kept taking her cute little hat and flip flops off, but I was able to get a couple of cute shots while Alegria "walked" with Abilehi's assistance. :) These pictures, mind you, were later on in the day. At church, Alegria was content for only a few minutes in the nursery while I played volleyball and then she wanted nothing to do with being away from me, so I tried having her on the sidelines. She did not like that either and at first just cried and then tried crawling out to me! So it ended up being a "watch everyone else play volleyball" day. It was fine, though. I got to talk to the ladies (we were fewer in number today) and it got Alegria and me out of the house. :) We're hoping to take a poll on Sunday on what day works better for everyone else so that we can have a better turnout. With more ladies, I'm sure we could switch off having someone watch the kids...yes, that is a requirement. At one point, the older (but still young) kids ended up writing on the chalkboard with crayons!

What else happened today? Other than going grocery shopping, nothing much. It was Alegria's bath night, so that was an enjoyable time, and Abilehi went to Institute, so I was left by my lonesome at home after Alegria was in bed. I had dinner, checked my email, and tried figuring out this Blogger thing. It's different from my MSN Live Space, so I'm having to get used to it. I hope I can get the hang of it because I sure don't want to keep being frustrated with posting. It's supposed to be a fun time, writing down all of my memories and events that happen!

On another note, Cameron's doing really well in Kentucky. I received a phone call from him early this morning. They were evaluated the last time they went out into the field and this morning they had to sign off on those evaluations. Well, when Cameron went to look for his evaluation (they were stacked in alphabetical order), he couldn't find his. So, he asked the major in charge where his was, that he couldn't find it, and the major told him to hold on. Then he took it out from a separate stack...and it turns out that Cameron's was in a different pile because he's in the top 20% of his class and he made the Commandant's List!!! (That's the equivalent of the Dean's or President's List at a college or university.) On his evaluation, it reads, "Exceeds All Expectations." I'm so very proud of him! All of the sacrifice of being apart has been worth it because he did really well! We also know the Lord had a hand in helping Cameron to focus and at the same time caring for us as we've been apart. :)

Well, I guess that's about it for now. Ciao!

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