Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Hard Worker :)

When we first moved in, we bought a good amount of furniture to furnish our new house...the essentials: bed, dresser, couches, coffee table, desk... Amongst the things that we're missing are shelves and a hallway table. Cameron had a great idea for both of these items. Thus, the purchase of a table saw.

On Friday, Cameron put together the top of the table and today he went about getting the whole thing done. Here he is using his brand-new table saw.

Cameron eyes his progress...

Almost done...!!!

Inside, Alegria came to her usual spot in the office. She usually just takes the tapes and CDs out of their bottom shelf and plays with them a little bit, but today she decided to pull herself up to standing on this little shelf. When I looked at her, she had her face inside the shelf and she was making noises into the probably sounded a little different and new because she kept doing it! I wasn't able to catch her doing it, though. Every time I would turn the camera on, she would just turn to look at me!

Also, Alegria had fun trying to open one of the doors of our entertainment center. She didn't realize that she had to move out from in front of it to do so, and at about 43 seconds into the video, she bumps her head with the door! I thought it was funny, and so did Abilehi! I wish I had gotten a video of her earlier attempt where she bumped her head about 3 or 4 times continuously! It was even more funny! :)

Here's Cameron in the garage with the finished product!

Here's the table in the living room hallway.

Here's the table at a different angle.

Cameron with his table. :)

Alegria on Daddy's table! What else should we display on it? :)

The table is sturdy, that's for sure! It holds Alegria quite well!

After his hard work, Cameron enjoys playing "I'm gonna get you!" with Alegria. :)

And here Alegria has been playing in a cabinet that I have deemed safe for her while I make dinner. She looks a little tired, though, don't you think? It's been a long day!

Well, that was pretty much our day. Cameron and I were debating going out to see a movie, but in the end, we were both so tired that we decided to stay in. I did go out to buy a few things we'd need for meals tomorrow, but that was it.

Now we're going to go pop some popcorn and watch a movie before going to bed.


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