Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What a busy Tuesday!

Today was a busy and productive Tuesday!

We bought a Weed-Eater last week and today Cameron cut down the tall weeds along the fence.

He then proceeded to prep the stain...

Alegria and I watched. Here, Alegria is chewing on a wooden spoon as we watch Cameron work.

Cameron starts staining the back fence using a roller and extension.

It looks pretty good!

Meanwhile, inside Alegria plays underneath the dining room table.

When we go back outside to see how Cameron's doing, he's about halfway done and has decided on using just the roller. Apparently, the extension pole kept bending and making it more difficult for him to stain.

After Alegria's afternoon nap, I decided we should get her 40-week picture while she's still in a good mood! :)

What a cute smile!

Then she and Cameron played on the floor. Well, Alegria decided she liked to slap her hands on Daddy's face and because he laughed about it, she laughed, too! :)

Alegria really enjoys looking out the back door. What's cute about this picture is that she had been crawling around, dragging her lamb with her and still didn't let it go as she was looking outside!

At the day's end, Cameron gives Alegria a big hug before I put her to bed. :)

There you have it. A busy day full of trimming, staining, and playing! :)

And to end my post for today, here are a few videos! On the last one...don't think we do this all the time! It was all in fun and I'm sure parents wouldn't be parents if we didn't have fun with our kids once in a while! :)

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