Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today my friend, Andrea, started school again. I offered to watch Josh for her from 4-6 until his dad could come pick him up.

So Josh came at 4 and he and Alegria played. It was all fun, except Alegria for some reason today had two left feet! She kept falling and hurting herself! At one point, she was playing in her favorite cabinet in the kitchen and then came running out of it and slipped and fell on her knees and braced her arms, but her head kept going...and BANG! She hit her lip on the floor! Poor thing now has a big lip! Thank goodness she didn't hurt any of her teeth! Apparently, I'm going to have to stand right next to her every minute of the day now to try to keep her from doing stuff like that!

Anyway. After Josh left, Alegria and I played with her blocks. I got a few cute pictures:

Alegria is getting so good at stacking blocks! What a genius! :)

Busted lip close-up:

I originally had an Army Wife Coffee to go to tonight, but Cameron called earlier to say he had to go shoot at 6 today. Since the Coffee was at 6:30 in Georgetown, I let the hostess know that I would be unable to attend. :(

Daddy finally came home and, boy, were we happy to see him!

Now it's off to bed...good night!

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