Sunday, January 31, 2010

Anyone Have a Hanger?

As soon as she woke up this morning, Alegria wanted her PJs off, but her hat on: NOT take your diaper off, please!

I had set out Alegria's outfit on the couch for Daddy to dress her, but Alegria beat Daddy to it and decided to dress herself...but she forgot to take the hanger out!

We tried putting Alegria down for a nap a little before 11 so that she'd fall asleep by 11 and sleep until 12:30...but she never fell asleep!

So...on the way home from Church, she was so tired she fell asleep right away:

We put her in her crib as soon as we got home and the poor little girl had a much-needed nap. :)

When Alegria woke up, she was in a good mood. She was rested and ready to play! I don't know where she found this bubble wrap, but she did, and she had a wonderful time stepping on it. It was even more of a treat when some of the bubbles would actually pop!

Alegria sure fills our lives with bubbly fun!!! :)

Bonne nuit! :)

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  1. Laughing here to myself from those hanger pics! she is so funny!


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