Friday, January 29, 2010

Late Night

This morning was pretty quiet and relaxed.

Then once I put Alegria in bed, Kerri texted me to ask if I was bringing her with me tonight. I told her that we weren't planning on going. She said it was a potluck and that she was driving separate from Justin, so if I wanted to, I could come with her.


As soon as Alegria woke up, we went to the Dollar General to pick up a disposable casserole dish. Since Alegria was being such a good girl, I took her to the toy section to look at the toys. I guess I need to learn that a visit to the toy section will never be just a visit anymore...

When Alegria saw the toys, she immediately went for...the dolls. She picked up two dolls and a bouncy ball and was trying to get more dolls, but her arms didn't have room for more. Since she already has a doll at home, Plan A was to try to convince her to put the dolls down and go for a pony with brushable hair. I was only able to take away one of the dolls without her screaming! Plan A down, the drain, it was time for Plan B...a quick take-away at the cash register. That didn't work either. *Sigh* At least this doll is able to get wet, so she can have it be her tub baby. :)

Anyway. Back home, Alegria would not let go of her new baby doll:

I made a pizza pasta casserole dish, got Alegria's diaper bag ready, got myself ready, and then we finally headed out the door.

The original plan was for me to meet Kerri at her place and then we'd go to BLORA together. However; on my way to Fort Hood, Cameron called to ask us to come pick him up. So I called Kerri and we decided that we'd go separately after all and once there, when it got too late for the babies, we'd decide on rides (the men had to stay late for clean-up duty afterwards).

We had a nice time at the Hail/Farewell. We sat with the Abbatacolas and enjoyed watching Alegria and Quinn be their cute selves.

Here's Quinn "drinking" out of a cup:

Alegria drinking out of a water bottle:

Alegria and Daddy:

Alegria doesn't like sitting still for long, so at times, Cameron or I would walk with her towards the back of the room and let her run around and play:

Playing with one of Quinn's toys:

After all of the formalities were over, it was announced that we had the room until 11pm and that if need be, they could extend the time on that so that people could stay longer. I was praying inwardly that people would decide that it would be more fun to be elsewhere on a Friday night so that Cameron could be done earlier with his duties so we could all go home together. My prayers were answered and little by little, the room began to clear out.

In the meantime, Alegria sang a few tunes:

Such emotion in her singing!

Daddy sweeping the floor:

Alegria and Quinn sitting together:

Thank goodness, the clean-up was done in record time and we were able to leave by 9:30 with Daddy in tow. :)

Since it was past Alegria's bed time, I was sure she'd fall asleep in the car on the way home...I was sorely mistaken, though!

Here she is playing peek-a-boo with her blanket:

BLORA is kind of far from where we live and we still had to take Daddy back to Post for him to pick up his truck...needless to say, Alegria had had enough of her car seat and tried to get herself OUT:

It didn't work. Again, on our way home from Fort Hood after dropping off Daddy, I thought that for sure Alegria would fall asleep on the way home. I was wrong again. She was awake the whole time...even though I had "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star" playing on the radio the whole time!

At a red light, I got a picture of her playing with her new baby doll. I have no idea why she prefers to have her baby doll naked. Oh well! :)

What a late night! I finally got Alegria into bed at 10:30. The poor child was exhausted and she went right to sleep as soon as she went down.

Now it's time for Cameron and me to go to bed.

Good night! :)

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  1. I love that picture of her with her eyes closed holding the microphone!!


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