Tuesday, January 19, 2010

With Gusto!

Alegria has recently been climbing up on the table and then sitting herself down in her high chair. Today I guess she wanted to get a different view!

I sure got a different view today, too!

Going through the kitchen drawers is always so much fun!

Josh came over today and he and Alegria played in...or rather, I should say...destroyed Alegria's room! What a mess!

Alegria trying to cover Josh up in her blanket like she does her dolls and Big Bear:

Alegria trying to put on Josh's shoes. Laces are tricky!

Cool girl!

I finally helped her put on Josh's shoes. I must say, they look cute on her, too! So stylin'!

It didn't last long...she wanted them off shortly thereafter:

Playing in her crib:

Trying to piece together the puzzle:

Awww! Cute!

When Daddy got home, there was more fun to be had!

Taking a call:

And of course, the daily piece of chocolate, eaten with much gusto!

Someone needs a bath tonight!

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