Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Precious...!

We had a schedule to keep...but we ended up leaving later than expected. We wanted to be driving by 6:30, but we didn't leave until about 6:40. No biggie.

Alegria was in a fine mood as we traveled. She didn't go back to sleep even though we'd woken her up at 6:15.

However; when Abilehi busted out her makeup bag to put her makeup on, that's when Alegria decided she needed makeup on too, to cover the bags under her eyes, and she got upset when Abilehi wouldn't share. She cried and screamed until Abilehi let up and gave her the only thing that Alegria couldn't break, her eyelash curler. Finally some peace and quiet!

Then the commotion started again when Abilehi decided to put her jewelry guessed it. Alegria wanted it:

Who do you think won?

Right-o! Alegria. :) Abilehi gave in and gave her the matching bracelet. :) Finally, peace and quiet!

Cameron and I got there in time to say hello to my family and then leave Alegria with them and head in to the San Antonio Temple.

We had a wonderful time. It had been a while since we'd been to the Temple and we were very happy to have been able to go.

Afterwards, we came out and enjoyed the sunshine for a little while as Alegria kept playing:

Alegria and me in front of the Temple:

Alegria and Daddy by a pool in front of the Temple:

We were all very hungry, so we finally decided to leave and go to Whataburger for lunch.

Alegria played on the benches while we waited for our order to be brought out to us:

Daddy giving Alegria a balloon:

After we said our goodbyes to my family (thank you for playing with Alegria while we were in the session!), we went to see our friends, the Caldrons. We stayed and visited with them for a little while.

Then as we were leaving, Alegria got to pet one of their puppies:

Most of the Caldron family...Troy, Tory, Jessica, and Dallin:

By the time we left, it was about 2:30. Alegria was so exhausted that she fell asleep in the middle of eating her burger! (She was too busy playing with the balloon at the restaurant to eat her food.)

Abilehi noticed that Alegria had fallen asleep in the middle of chewing! She still had a piece of meat in her mouth!

So Abilehi tried to take the meat out:

Alegria must have swallowed the meat during the "struggle:"

Back home, since she'd already slept a little, Alegria was ready to go about her business of playing. Here she was trying to put on any and all articles of clothing:

Also, recently Alegria loves to have her shirt off. So here she is walking around with no shirt...when she found a small lotion bottle that she'd been playing with before. I want to say that the reason she has it under her arm is that we put her thermometer under her arm to take her temperature and so she decided that under her arm was the best place for this lotion. Silly, I know!

That's all folks! It was a long day and now we're off to bed.

Sleep well! :)

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