Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fine Dining

Andrea had some errands to run today, so I watched little Josh while she got that done. Alegria and Josh had fun playing:

Later on after Josh was gone and she was fully rested after her nap, Alegria learned that she could push her walker up to the entertainment center and climb up to reach things that are higher than her normal reach!

She was quite proud of herself and was very happy to find new things to explore and look at!

For dinner, I decided to bust out the chargers I got at the Christmas clearance sales at Wal-Mart and to put them to use with the beautiful new dishes that Andrea gave us for Christmas:

So beautiful! Thanks again, Hawkins family, for the beautiful gift! We love it!

Alegria and Daddy playing on the kitchen floor while I clean up after dinner:

Bath time (Alegria signs "bath")!

Playing on her walker:

Playing with one of Mommy's t-shirts (this is why folding laundry always takes so long...she always unfolds things and wants to play with them, so I end up folding stuff 3-4 times each, if not more!):

Alegria decided to use a shelf of the entertaiment center as a bed for her doll as well as a wash cloth for a blanket:

Now it's time for bed...good night!

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