Saturday, January 9, 2010

Daddy's Great!

So...the theme for the week seems to be "I want to be like Daddy!" because after trying on his glasses and wanting a cell phone, Alegria also wants to wear Daddy's hats!

She was monkeying around as she wore Daddy's hat and since it obstructs her view a bit, she bumped into the table behind her and got upset.

Never fear! Daddy is here!

As Alegria has gotten older and once Cameron got back from training and was around more, Alegria has slowly become more and more attached to Daddy. Now she goes to him when she needs comfort and Cameron loves that. He says he's been waiting for a long time for her to "need" him like that. It's so very sweet. :)

Once she was soothed, she was back at trying to be like Daddy...this time, by putting lotion in her hair, thinking it's gel like she sees Daddy put in his hair!

Giving Daddy hugs and kisses before she heads off to bed:

Good night y'all! :)

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