Friday, January 8, 2010

What a Burger!

This morning we hung out with Abilehi. We went shopping at Kohl's and then Abilehi treated Alegria and me to lunch at Whataburger. After having had Alegria try fast food burgers a couple of times in the last couple of months, I finally got the order right for Alegria's burger...plain and dry! She actually ate her burger this time...and all by herself. I guess she doesn't like mustard on her burger...or anything else except the meat and cheese!

She was pretty tired by this time:

Back home, Alegria and I had a nap and then hung out for the rest of the afternoon until Abilehi showed up. She was so sweet! I had told her I had no idea what to wear, so she brought over about three bags full of some of her, shawls, skirts...I finally settled on her purple shoes and purple shawl. :)

Then I got dressed and Daddy got home just in time to quickly get ready and then for us to head out the door.

One of Cameron's men was getting married today and we'd been invited to attend the ceremony and reception afterwards. It was a military ceremony and I got to see the sword arc for the first time in my life in person. It was pretty neat!

Cameron had forgotten his stetson in his office, so before going to the reception, we went to pick it up. Here I am waiting for him:

At the reception, they have this tradition, though I don't recall where they said it comes from. Apparently they pour lots of different types of alcohol into something they call the krog and then they all drink from it. I guess it's supposed to make there be more for everyone or something like that. Oh well. I may also be getting the story all wrong, but since Cameron and I don't drink, it wasn't all that interesting to me so I didn't pay that much, it was hard to hear anything above the din!

Cameron and me:

From left to right, Cameron, Gary Rainer, and Justin Abbatacola:

Lauren and Gary:

From left to right, Justin, Captain Sterrett, Lawson (the groom), Villalobos, and Cameron:

Captain Sterrett and his wife, Rachel:

Cameron and I didn't stay long. We wanted to try some cake, but after the bride and groom cut it, they never started cutting it up and handing any out, so we left...well, we did stay long enough to dance to one song at least!

Oncfe home, we chatted with Abilehi a bit and then when she was about to leave, Cameron decided to inspect her bags to make sure she wasn't taking any of our stuff! He teases her about taking our stuff because on the first night that she moved out of our place and into her own apartment, I had given her some food to tide her over until Monday, since she had babysat for us that day and hadn't had time to go grocery shopping and the next day was Sunday...and now Cameron always says that she "steals" our food!

And that was our fun-filled day!!!

Have a wonderful night!!! :)

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