Monday, January 18, 2010

I Can't Believe She Ate That!

Being it's a holiday, Cameron has the day off, so he decided today was a good day to go shooting. As Daddy was getting his ammo ready, Alegria decided she wanted to help:

Alegria: "Oh, yeah! I'm bad to the bone!"

Alegria: "So don't mess with me!"

Alegria: "Just kidding! I can't keep a straight face, can I?!"

Later on, Alegria was more than happy to help Daddy rearrange his tools in the garage:

Do you remember back when we had our carpets cleaned that I said Alegria lost her gloves to Isis? I retrieved them from the backyard. I can't believe Isis ate that!

In this video, Daddy is throwing Alegria up in the air and Alegria is signing "again" so that Daddy will keep doing it! It's fun to have Daddy home all day long so we he can play with her the games that Mommy isn't so good at playing (she's getting heavier by the day!)!!!

Alegria playing with a stretchy tube:

Now it's time for bed...too bad tomorrow Daddy has to go back to work! :(

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