Friday, January 15, 2010

Wrap it Up, Baby!

For dinner today I finally busted out Cameron's mother's recipe book that she made for me for Christmas. I made Chicken Enchiladas...YUM!!! However, as I was wrapping the enchiladas, my nails were making small holes in the tortillas, which Cameron proceeded to complain about, so I let him do the rolling of the enchiladas himself. He did a fine job wrapping them all up! :)

Relaxing while we wait for dinner to be done baking:

I put a ponytail in Alegria's hair to take a few cute pictures:

I wish this one hadn't come out's so cute how she's hugging Big Bear!

Kissing Big Bear:

Brushing Big Bear's fur:

It was too good to last, soon as Abilehi showed up and saw how cute Alegria was with her ponytail, Alegria pulled it out:

Alegria always finds interesting ways to entertain herself:

So...Cameron isn't a huge chocolate cake person...I found that out 3 years into our marriage!

Anyway. Like I said, he isn't a huge chocolate cake person, he prefers white cake, but the cake I made for Abilehi's birthday...well, he really liked it! In fact, he kept eating some of her cake as a snack every now and then since Abilehi had forgotten to take it home with her on Tuesday night.

Well, tonight he told me that Abilehi had better come pick up the rest of her cake or he was going to eat it! And I'm sure he meant it...and I'm sure Abilehi believed it because she asked if she could come over to get it!

So she came and I gave her some enchiladas...and instead of waiting, she decided she wanted her cake right after dinner. (I had sent her a picture message of the cake that was left and she said it looked so good!)

That was a bad idea...

...because Alegria loves chocolate cake and DEMANDED she be given some!

So Abilehi cut off a small piece of cake and tried giving that to her...but Alegria decided that the smaller piece wouldn't do...and she screamed until she got the bigger piece!

But now she was happy and not screaming! Sorry Abilehi!

Alegria: "Don't even THINK about taking this cake from me!"

The rest of the night was spent relaxing and watching Alegria have fun:

What a relaxing day!

Good night! :)

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  1. I am Kerri's aunt. I became a follower cause once in awhile on here I see the Abbatacola family. I am so enjoying your daughter though. She looks like a character. Sometimes her facial expressions are priceless. Looks like she keeps you realllly busy!!


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