Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cookie Monster

Alegria and I "made" cookies today. Our project consisted of taking the batter from a tub, rolling the dough (eating some along the way), placing the dough on a cookie sheet, and then baking the cookies. Tough, I know! :)

I don't think Alegria quite understood the whole concept, though:

Alegria: "You just wait and see...these will be the best cookies you've ever eaten BECAUSE of how I made them!"

I just love the ponytail look on Alegria!

And of course, as soon as Daddy got home, Alegria asked for the usual candy and got her way. Apparently, clean-up after the candy-eating is not as high on the likes list!

Daddy then played fetch with Isis. Apparently, Isis won't fetch anything but flavored chew bones. Cameron has tried having her fetch sticks before or toys, and she won't do it!

Helping Daddy change the oil in the cars:

Playing with Daddy's shirt:

Eating ice:

Popping bubbles and signing "again":

And that's all for today, folks!

Gute Nacht! :)

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