Thursday, January 28, 2010


For breakfast this morning we had bagels and strawberry cream cheese...YUM! Alegria loves taking as much of the cream cheese off first with her finger, which she delicately licks off...and then she bites into her bagel. Very appetizing:

Notice the pinky up in the air? First class!

So...yesterday I went to Verizon in Cove to buy a MiFi for Cameron's loptop for him to use at work. I had called earlier and a gentleman had told me that they had them in stock. I got there and there were none in stock. ARG! So I went to Wal-Mart and they only had the air modem available.

Fast-forward to today...I was supposed to get a call from a lady at the Cove Verizon. I was ABOUT to put Alegria down for her nap when the lady called. I was expecting her to call around 11 (that's when she had estimated the shipment would come in), but I didn't get a call until almost 1.

I decided to go right away. Luckily, the Cove Verizon has a bin of blocks for little kids to play with, so that kept Alegria occupied and happy while I got the MiFi installed on Cameron's laptop and paid for everything:

I was lucky while we were at Verizon, but once we got to FedEx so that I could send off our taxes, Alegria was no longer in a good mood. She kept crying, but I couldn't blame her...she was tired and supposed to be in bed!

Finally, I got it all done and we went home. Poor Alegria was exhausted and went right to sleep!

However, she didn't sleep long, which meant neither did I. When Josh showed up, though, Alegria got in a better mood and they had a fun time! Phew! :)

As soon as Daddy got home ('s Thursday, yay!), he went out to see Cyrus. The vet was supposed to meet him at 4 to check Cyrus out. Cameron came back at about 4:30, upset because the vet never showed up. So Cameron called and apparently, it was going to be a different vet than before that would come and the new vet wouldn't be there until 5:30.

Little Josh was long gone by the time Cameron got home. I guess they found out that Cyrus's back teeth had gotten really sharp and were cutting him whenever he ate. That would explain why Cyrus hadn't been eating and had lost so much weight that his ribs were showing! Cameron told me that Cyrus had to be given two doses of the sedative, too. Usually they only give a horse one dose, but Cyrus, even though he's been sick, is still very strong and they needed extra sedatives in order to get him to cooperate. And I guess it took a while for the sedatives to work and then for Cyrus's teeth to get filed down. That's why Cameron got back so late! They also gave Cyrus antibiotics to treat the Strangles. I sure hope he gets better soon! Poor guy has been sick for a month now! it's getting late and it's been a long day...

Have a wonderful night!

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