Saturday, January 30, 2010

Not So Happy Feet

For such a long time...from about the time I was in 7th grade and my feet stopped growing, I wore a size 6.5 shoe. I LOVED having dainty feet and dainty, lovely, sexy shoes to wear! That all changed when I was pregnant with Alegria. :( Sadly, my feet swelled towards the end of my pregnancy and I had to resort to wearing size 7.5 flip flops and sandals.

I thought, no, HOPED that my feet would shrink again after having her, but whether it's the fact that I haven't lost all of the weight from that pregnancy or because my feet actually grew a whole size, or because we went to Payless in the afternoon and feet get larger as the day goes by because of gravity and what-not...I was so depressed when I was trying shoes on and even the size 7.5 were too tight for comfort!!! I had to try on size 8 shoes...and I couldn't find any that were cute enough for my taste! :(

What a sad day. :( Now, I'm not saying that size 8 feet are bad...what I'm saying is that if you've been size 6.5 for most of your life and THEN your feet turn to size 8 feet...THAT'S depressing. :(

Anyway. The only cute shoes I found in size 8 were $25 and, with much hope in my heart, I didn't want to pay $25 for a pair of shoes that I'm SURE I wouldn't keep for long...because my feet WILL shrink I a hopeless dreamer for thinking that? :(

At least Alegria had fun at Payless. She tried on all of the jewelry they had!

After Payless we went to Wal-Mart.

On the way home, Alegria was hungry and upset about being in her car seat, so we gave her a sugar cookie to keep her quiet and hold her over til we got home for dinner:

What a mess!

Finally home and done with dinner, Cameron began working on putting together some shelves for Alegria's room. Cameron had been talking about getting her a real toy box to replace the empty diaper box we'd been using to put her toys in, but I'd been wanting a cubby-hole type shelf unit and earlier in the week when we'd been over at Little Josh's house, we saw that Andrea had gotten him a similar shelf that I'd been wanting, and I LOVED it, so I told Cameron about it and he agreed to get that instead!

Here is Alegria putting her toys in the little cube baskets that will go in her shelves:

Playing in her crib for a spell:

Cameron putting together the shelves:

Alegria wanting to take off her doll's clothes:

And wanting to help Daddy, of course!

Alegria: "Ooo! Something new to climb on!"

The finished product:

Isn't it so cute?! :)

Then it was bath time. When Daddy was getting Alegria out of the tub, though, she got upset because she wanted to stay in longer, so to cheer her up, Daddy put on one of Alegria's towels. That got a smile out of her AND me! Daddy's so silly sometimes!!! And we LOVE him, LOVE him, LOVE him!!!

Crazy hair:

Well, that was our day.

Good night! :)

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