Friday, January 1, 2010


What a great beginning to the new year! We just spent it having fun as a family...watching football and playing with's all good! :)

Tomorrow Daddy has another funeral detail to go to, so we went on Post today to pick up the necessary paperwork for him. When we got back, Alegria decided it was her turn to wear Daddy's coat!

Having fun with last night's New Year's toys:

Since tomorrow's funeral detail is a small 3-man detail, Daddy got to be in charge of the bugle. Who knew he knew how to play?

Alegria gives it a shot...she's a natural! ;)

Alegria: "Time to text my BFF!"

Then as I was folding laundry, Alegria tried putting on one of her onesies! I can't wait for her to be able to dress herself!

At dinner we had some leftovers from yesterday and Alegria was dipping her pizza into some ranch dressing, just like her Daddy does! How cute is that?! (Excuse the loud crunching. We'd also had some salad...and what's a salad without croutons? So that's the crunching you're hearing!)

And that was our, family and fun!

Hope your first day of the new year was great!

Good night and sweet dreams!!!

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