Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Alegria asked to play with Daddy's Transformers today (she signs "Daddy" and "car" and then points to the office because we keep them on a high shelf in there...small parts, you know, so she can only play with them when we're supervising her!)

Alegria is so well rounded, it amazed me! She loves playing with her dolls, yet she also loves animals and cars!

She also knows the cars transform, so she attempted to do it herself...

...but then needed Daddy's help! Daddy was able to get Bumblebee to transform, but it had been so long that Optimus was a whole different story!

Finally, I stepped in and kept trying and trying until I finally got it. No wonder in the movies it takes Optimus forever to transform!

Anyway. That was as exciting as it got today. :)

Good night!

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