Tuesday, June 8, 2010

HE'S HOME!!!!!

I was taking it slow, thinking that I wouldn't see Cameron until the 10th or 11th. I was taking it slow, thinking I'd have time to clean the house the way I wanted to before then. I was going to relax and just play until the day before Cameron arrived and that day do a thorough cleaning of the house before Cameron's return...

But he called me this afternoon and said he'd be home this evening...in just a few hours, in fact!!! He said he didn't tell me yesterday because he didn't want the plans to change last-minute and me be left with my hopes shattered!

So he decided to wait until he was at the airport, waiting to board!!!

That led to a mad scramble to at least tidy things up before he arrived! It led to me taking another shower to shave my legs! It led to me being so frazzled that I didn't get any pictures of Alegria playing while I frantically did my chores! Note to self: don't leave things to the last minute...not as an Army wife! You never know!!!

The worst of it was that I had to go practice a musical number at the Church for an activity tomorrow night, so since he called at 2:30 to tell me and I had to be at the Church by 6 and then to pick him up at 7, I hardly got anything done! *sigh* Oh well!

Finally the time came for Alegria and me to head over to the Church.

We got there and ran through the song with Abilehi and our pianist a few times, but then we quickly left to Fort Hood to pick Cameron up.

Alegria was SOOO excited when she saw her Daddy that she almost jumped through her seat belt and out of the car seat to see him! It was so cute to see how much she missed him and loves him! Cameron gave me a kiss, then went and kissed Alegria, but neither one of us got out of the car because we just wanted to get home!

The evening is just a blur. We talked, laughed, played, ate, and just relaxed! It's so great to have our family back all under the same roof!!!

And finally, night came. We got Alegria to bed and then Cameron decided to shave his head. He started shaving his head right before NTC so that he wouldn't have to worry about finding a barber while out there. We'd only seen him bald over Skype once throughout our month-long separation, so it was interesting seeing him in person! But I like it! He looks like a bad boy now! ;)

Well...without the shaving cream and without smiling!


Separations are made so much sweeter by the reunions. :)

We're so happy to have you home, Daddy! We love you!!!

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