Monday, June 21, 2010

Bubble Blowing Expert

It's Monday again and with it comes Story Time at the library! YAY!!! :)

Alegria again chose her favorite purple maracas and egg shakers for the goodbye parade:

I SO love that she can go around the circle during the parade all by herself now...what a big girl!!!

Afterwards, we went to the Children's area to work on our Summer Reading chart. Andrea and Josh were there, too. :) As soon as Alegria saw Josh's stroller, she wanted to get in, so we put them both in:

Finally, a tired Alegria and I came home and had a nap.

When Daddy got home from work, Alegria and he had fun blowing bubbles using the new bubbles container Alegria got as a prize for her first Summer Reading chart completion:

Alegria is getting quite good at blowing bubbles all by herself!

Have a wonderful night, everyone!!! :)

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