Friday, June 18, 2010

You Can Take a Horse to Water...

Today we decided to take a family outing to one of the swimming pools on post. Alegria LOVES her kiddies pools, so we figured she'd also LOVE the big pool! She's been in them before and has enjoyed them, so why would we even think that this is the face we'd get?!

Alegria: "You're not really thinking of making me go in there, are you? I may have to call CPS and report pre-meditated drowning..."

Alegria kept trying to climb out of Daddy's arms...not wanting to get wet:

We decided on a different approach and took her to the children's pool where she could actually touch the bottom and see if that would help...and it did!

Finally enjoying herself:

While we were in the children's pool, something kind of strange happened. Cameron was playing with Alegria, at one point tickling her feet...when all of a sudden, some random little girl started tickilng HIS feet! I would say she was about 5 or 6. Cameron was weirded out by it, but he was a good sport and kind of laughed and then went back to playing with Alegria. Well, then he started throwing Alegria up in the air and back into the water with him...and then this random little girl asked him to throw her up in the air, too! We both kind of looked around, searching for this girl's parents, but we saw no one in her near vicinity! I mean, if it were my child pestering a strange man, I would come up to her and apologize to the man and tell her to "quit bothering the nice man." Nothing like that happened, though. But we DID notice a woman sitting off to the side of the pool, flirting it up with some random guy who we could tell was not the girl's father. We double checked and yes, all of the other children in the children's pool were accounted for, playing with their respective parents, except for this one. Hm...

Finally, though Alegria was having a grand time in the children's pool, we decided to head out.

Another attempt at the big pool... we let Alegria take it slowly, getting her dainty feet in one at a time:

Prognosis? Pools are fun!!!

What a fun time at the pool!!! :)

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