Thursday, June 10, 2010

Penguin Bowling

As we were outside playing and Cameron was watering the trees, I suddenly heard him say something about a spider! So I came to see and this is what he'd found:

This spider was definitely not as beautiful as the white jumping spider I saw the other day, and since it was in Cameron's domain and he was the one dealing with it, I didn't interfere when he decided to smash it to death with a broom:

Once rid of the spider, we all took a walk to the mailbox. Alegria really enjoys helping Daddy walk Isis:

She also enjoys pretending Daddy is a horse! I've tried this with Alegria, too, but being that I'm pregnant, it's just not the same or as fun for her...I don't last as long and don't giddyup as fast!

Thank goodness for Daddy!

Later on in the day, Alegria wanted to go back outside to play, so Daddy obliged. It was too hot and this time I didn't go outside with them. When they came back inside, Alegria's face was so red! She just doesn't care how hot it is, though, she just LOVES being out there and Daddy had to fight her to get her back inside! Luckily, she was easily distracted...

With a game of miniature penguin bowling!

In the evening, when it had cooled down some, we went back outside to play.

Alegria had fun learning how to swing on one of the big kid swings:

And then swinging with Daddy:

Daddy gives Alegria a playful push:

And then they have a fun run:

That's all folks! It was another great day!!!

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