Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Garden Party!

Cameron doesn't have to go in to work until next Tuesday, so we're enjoying having him to ourselves! We went on a short walk this morning:

Alegria even tried riding her bike on her own:

Then she had Daddy push her again, until she decided she wanted to pick some flowers!

Finally, it was time for Cameron to tackle the back yard! The yard looks so much better now that it's mowed!

In the afternoon, Andrea dropped Little Josh off at our place. Achievement Days is tonight and the theme is a Mother-Daughter Garden Party, so she asked if I could watch him while she went to the Church building to set everything up.

Alegria loved having her friend Josh over:

She even called his mom to ask if he could stay a little longer!

But I guess it wasn't so much that she wanted Josh to stay, as much as it was that she wanted to steal his pacifier!

It's a good thing Cameron is home because now I was able to leave Alegria with him and not worry about bringing Alegria and her running around at tonight's activity. :)

The song Abilehi and I sang is called My Mother/My Daughter by Janice Kapp Perry. Please forgive the orientation of the video...I asked Andrea last-minute to take a video, but I failed to mention to her that it has to stay horizontal for the video to come out right-side up (my camera is getting old and so even though the orientation changes when you're looking at the video as you're recording it, it doesn't readjust automatically when it downloads from the camera to the computer...lame, I know!):

After our song, we all ate...yum! Andrea had put together yet another fantastic garden party and the food and desserts were delicious!!!

When we had all finished eating, Andrea then gave a short little talk and the girls sang a song to their mothers:

It was a great activity and I was very happy to have been there and to have participated and seen the wonderful mothers and daughters sharing an evening together. I stayed to help clean up a little, but I left soon after to go spend some time with Cameron.

Now it's off to bed! Good night! :)


  1. HI I love all the photos.She is getting so big!!!
    Miss you
    PS Tio is staying with us right now while he visits Amy.


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