Friday, June 11, 2010

Ready to Ride

A while back I'd been at the Post Exchange (PX...for those who don't know, it's a little shopping mall on Post), and I'd seen this cute dolphin wrist watch there. Abilehi LOVES dolphins, so since today was her day off, I invited her to come on Post with us so she could purchase it.

Here are Alegria and Daddy, entering the PX...isn't Alegria's "purse" cute?! ;) It's a Victoria's Secret coin purse that says "Sexy" on it...Alegria found it in my closet one day and claimed it as hers...and I get a kick out of seeing her carry it around!!!

As we were waiting in line for Abilehi to purchase her new watch, Alegria discovered the cute car-shaped shopping carts and decided to go for a "ride:"

She's been taught well and buckled herself in!

Needless to say, we had a difficult time prying her away from the cart!

Back home after lunch and a nap, we all went outside for Alegria to enjoy her pool:

Daddy's been trying to get Alegria to put her face in the water...and what better way than by example?

She kept signing for him to do it "again:"

But a sip from the fountain is all she'd take:

After a while, Alegria's diaper got way too wet (yeah, I know, I just need to get her some swim diapers for her!), so we took it off...and I couldn't help getting a picture of her with a wedgie! It'll be fun to show this to boyfriends in the future! Hahaha!!! ;)

Here she is learning how to slide from the slide into the pool:

But she prefers being backwards and climbing up the slide only to climb down the stairs and walk into the pool:

Finally, we decided to come inside. Alegria didn't want to, but was soon happy playing with Big Bear and using one of her toy cube drawers as a bed!

Have a good night, everyone! :)

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