Monday, June 7, 2010


It's Monday again and just one of those nice, lazy days where you don't want to do anything. So Alegria and I just chilled and played outside. We had a visitor while we played on the swingset:

Now, I admit I don't like spiders or bugs or any creepy-crawly things...they give me the hibbidy jibbidies! However; I try not to overreact because a) I've heard so many times that animals sense your fear and will react to it and I'd rather they not react so that I can get a good look at them and/or catch them and flush them down the toilet and b) I don't want Alegria to get any fears from me. I want her to explore the world and decide on her own what her likes and dislikes are. That doesn't mean I won't teach her what animals are dangerous, though, and to absolutely positively stay away from them, because THAT, I WILL teach her! But the truth is that I also understand that there is a balance in life and that there are animals out there that even though we may not know what their purpose is, actually have a purpose. So after that mumbo-jumbo I just spewed, I have to say that I think this spider is beautiful. I think it's a jumping spider, but it could also be a wolf spider...I'm not sure. I DO know it's not a black widow or a brown recluse and therefore, I didn't feel compelled to kill it. Had it been in my house, I probably would have caught it and flushed it down the toilet (no invading my space, spiders!), but as long as it stays outdoors, we're ok. In fact, as I tried to get a picture of it, it was watching my every move and walking slowly away from me. I wonder what it was thinking...?

Anyway, my attention was caught for a few minutes with the beautiful, hairy creature, and then I turned my attention back to my beautiful, non-hairy little girl, swinging in her swing and having an absolute wonderful time, even though it was pretty hot outside!

Then I diverted my attention to the lawn for a minute or two. Boy, we were gone for a whole month and Cameron mowed the lawn right before he left for NTC, but the growth of our lawn is ridiculous! To make matters worse, the patch you see right there that's the longest, is a different type of grass than the St. Augustine that covers the rest of the yard! And it grows so much faster! I'm debating whether to take the time to mow the lawn and surprise Cameron...or to let him do it himself when he gets home at the end of the week (hopefully!).

You guessed it...leaving it for Cameron to mow won out! It's too hot for me to enjoy playing outside with Alegria for too long, I don't think I want to be out mowing the lawn...not as pregnant as I am!

Back to my princess, I had to keep her hydrated a lot. The heat really doesn't bother her, I don't know why! She sure is an outdoors girl!!!

And that was pretty much our day. We finally came indoors into the air conditioned house...ah, sweet AC!!! :)

Now we're off to bed!!!

Good night! :)

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