Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

It was a good thing that our flight wasn't until 3 this afternoon, because I didn't get all of our stuff packed last night. So this morning, that was my task. While I did that, Alegria played. She even found a great place to stow Big Bear for the time being:

As you can tell, Big Bear is pretty grungy by now. He's been from Texas to Montana, played in the grassy and dusty fields of Montana, and flown in many planes. He'll need a good wash when we get home!

Grandma and Grandpa left work early today. When they got home, I was pretty much done packing except for snacks for Alegria in her diaper bag. Once that was done, I left Kellen and Britney's gift on the bar in the kitchen, Grandpa loaded up our suitcase and Alegria's stroller, and we were off!

First to lunch, though! Our last meal with Grandma and Grandpa was at KFC/A&W...YUM! I do love fried chicken!

Back to the car, Alegria!

Goodbye, Montana! Goodbye "M!"

While I got us checked in, Grandpa had Alegria say her goodbyes to the Grizzly at the airport:

Alegria: "I love you, Grandma and Grandpa! Thank you for letting me come and turn your world upside-down for almost a whole month! I had tons of fun and can't wait to see you again!"

Kisses for Grandma:

Kisses for Grandpa:

Then we played the waiting game:

Finally done with the last leg of our trip, Alegria was more than happy to say goodbye to the airplane!

Tired and worn out from the flights, Alegria and Big Bear head out of the airplane:

It'll be interesting to see how she does on her flights back up to Montana in August for the Marlow family reunion. The last time Alegria and I flew (from Kentucky to Texas), Alegria did really well on all aspects of the flight. This time around, I don't know if it was because we got stuck next to the propellers almost every time and they were really loud and the fast spinning of them was extremely scary for her, but Alegria completely freaked out at take-off and landing...every single time! She would cover her mouth in fright, scream, and try to climb over me in search of a safe spot! I tried holding her and comforting her, but she would not be easily consoled...even once we had the windows shut! Maybe she'll grow out of it in a few months when she and Daddy fly to Montana. Maybe Daddy will represent more of a safe haven for her. We'll just have to wait and see!

Anyway. Our flight was a late flight, so I told Abilehi to just come at the latest hour so that she wouldn't have to wait around for us. And it worked out fine. Alegria and I only had to wait a short while after picking up our luggage for Abilehi to show up.

On the way home from Austin (a 1.5 hour drive), Alegria fell asleep. I don't blame her. It was quite late and I could feel the fatigue as well. Thanks for coming all the way to Austin to pick us up, Abilehi!!! :)

Now we're home and Alegria is in bed and I'm about to crash myself...

We had a wonderful time in Montana, but boy, being in our own home in our own beds is really nice, too!

Good night!!!

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