Thursday, June 3, 2010


We did a LOT of traveling yesterday...and tomorrow we'll travel yet for today, Alegria and I pretty much just relaxed.

I DID go and get my nails done at about 10:30 and Andrea graciously watched Alegria for me while I did. Then when I went to pick Alegria up, Andrea was awesome and had some lunch waiting for me! She'd already fed Alegria and Alegria and Josh were just playing. So Andrea and I had some lunch and chatted while the kids played. What a wonderful friend she is! Thanks again, Andrea!!! :)

Back home, Alegria and I napped.

And at dinner time, as I was getting us some dinner ready, Alegria decided to pretend to sleep on the kitchen floor:

Apparently Elmo was also tired, because Alegria decided he needed a nap, too!

And that was our day. Oh, how I love lazy days!

Good night!


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