Sunday, June 6, 2010

More Goodbyes

It seems all we do recently is say goodbye...and today was no exception. We first went to Church with the family, then got home, ate, and took a short nap. But then the inevitable came and we had to say goodbye.

Lorelehi and Alegria: (As a side note...if you notice the poster behind Alegria, there's a kitten yawning. Well, Alegria insists that the kitten is crying and throughout our WHOLE stay in Orange Grove this weekend, she kept signing to me that the "cat" is "crying." Almalia tries to tell Alegria that the cat is NOT sad and crying, but Alegria doesn't really understand that. To her, the kitten looks sad! It was very funny!)

Goodbye Abuelo!


Goodbye Abuela! Kisses!

Goodbye Tio Helaman!

And goodbye the rest of you, too! :)

The return home was fine. Abilehi, Alegria and I made it back safe and sound...and now it's off to bed in or own beds that we won't have to leave again for a while! Hopefully I can get Alegria back on a good sleeping schedule now, too! :)

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