Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Big Girl!

Alegria is such a big girl! Alegria is such a good girl!

This morning, I heard Alegria when she woke up and I waited a few minutes...but she just kept making her usual morning noise. When I went to her room, it turned out that she was still sitting in bed and she didn't get out until I came into the room! What a sweet child!

On the one hand, it's wonderful that she waits for me to come get her to get out of bed...which means her room isn't a mess right from the beginning of the day! On the other hand, her making noise for me to come get her instead of playing with her toys and entertaining herself means that I don't get extra time to sleep. :( But that also means that she'd rather play with me than with toys, so I feel more special! :)

Anyway. At nap time, I wondered if the same would happen as did last night, or if, since there is the light of day in her room and it makes it easier to see her toys and therefore they could possibly tempt her to play with them, I wondered if THIS time, I'd have trouble with her taking a nap and staying in her crib...I mean bed! :)

I had no cause for worry! I came in to check on her while she slept, just to see, and this is what I found:

Please, please, please Alegria...please continue to take naps once Odette is here so that I can hopefully get some rest, too!!!

That's all for today!


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