Saturday, June 19, 2010

Oh Deer!

It was the day of our monthly Temple trip today, so we drove to San Antonio to attend. When we arrived, my parents were still in their session, as usual, and since Ammon and Almalia were both in Dallas with Lorelehi, we left Alegria with Moroni. I was afraid she wouldn't want to stay with her Uncle Moroni, but she did just fine!

When Cameron and I got done with our session, we found Alegria marveling at the construction vehicles on the other side of this fence:

Alegria and Abuelo:

Alegria and Daddy:

Finally, our tummies were rumbling louder than the construction vehicles and we could no longer keep them quiet, so we headed to our favorite Temple-going lunch spot, Whataburger! YUM!!!

Abuela tying a balloon to Alegria's wrist:

Saying our goodbyes:

On our way back from San Antonio, Alegria took a much-needed nap. Good thing she did, too, because we took a detour through Buda so that we could go to Cabela's!

You can't see it here, but there is a pack of wolves behind this ox, trying to hunt it down, so Alegria is signing "wolf:"

Then we headed over to the camping gear section (Cameron was in search of a camping stove for our emergency kit). At the back of that area, there is a small children's shooting range with pop guns and over it, there is a talking deer! Alegria was impressed and kept signing and saying "deer!" So cute! I didn't even know she remembered the signs for "wolf" and "deer," yet here she was, showing me that she DOES pay attention to her Signing Time videos!!! :) Smart girl!

Alegria also loved the big stuffed beer that was sitting underneath the talking deer. We got a few cute photos of her with it:

Still talking about the deer!

Pointing to the bear:

Giving the bear a big bear hug!

Then we walked around some more and Alegria found a cute little rocking chair to sit in with the stuffed animals she also found along our way:

When we got home, Alegria was not in a very good mood. I don't blame her. It's hard to take a good, restful nap in the car...AND she'd only taken a nap for about an hour, maybe an hour and a half, which is about an hour less than her usual nap, so she was tired...and threw a fit. It makes me so sad to see her so sad! But it IS funny how she'll run to her room and cry either on her bed or on the rocking chair whenever she's upset...almost like she's putting herself in a time out!

Done with her fit, Alegria helped Daddy put together the little camping stove:

Then Alegria played on her swing set while Daddy did dog doodie duty and mowed the lawn:

Alegria found a pair of her swimming diapers and tried to put them on! She did a pretty good job getting both legs in right, but because she was still wearing her clothes, she was only able to get them up so far:

It was another fun day!!! :)

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