Tuesday, June 1, 2010


It's Cameron's and my five-year anniversary today!!! My only wish for today was to hear Cameron's voice. I kept thinking that even though the soldiers are not allowed to have their phones on them, that maybe, just maybe, being that it's our anniversary, that Cameron would be able to borrow the commander's phone (that the commander would have pity on a poor pregnant woman like me, away from her husband on their anniversary, and give him permission) and call me...if only for a minute! I just wanted to hear his voice!!! Is that too much to ask for on our anniversary?


Alegria and I got ready this morning and headed out to Target to get Kellen and Britney a wedding present. I decided it would be easier to get it now and have it wrapped and ready for them instead of having to try to get something shipped to them from Texas.

After our morning of shopping, we headed over to MSU to meet up with Grandma and Grandpa and have lunch with them. We decided to stay on campus today and eat at the food court in the student union building. I tried a little Mexican place there and it was sure yummy! Also, it was a beautiful day today, so we ended up eating outside on a picnic table. The benches were a little wet, but we just dried them off and sat down. What a lovely day!

As we were eating, Alegria was much more interested in playing around in the grassy area and along the bike rack. Luckily for me, Grandpa was the one who kept going after her when she got too far or when she got stuck between the bike rack rails, so I only had to sit and relax and enjoy my meal! Don't worry...her getting stuck wasn't too serious! There were actually a couple of rails that were bent already and that Alegria had gone through once, but the second time she went through, she went through at a weird angle and her little puppy backpack held her back and she was stuck! An easy fix, though!

Here Alegria is inspecting an old hydrant of some sort...at least that's what I think it is!

As we were cleaning up our trays and throwing our trash away, my phone rang...and it was a number I didn't recognize! My heart skipped a beat and I said out loud to Cameron's dad that I didn't recognize the number and that maybe it was Cameron...!!!

I answered my phone...and YES!!! IT WAS CAMERON!!! Being the baby that I am, I immediately started crying! I was so happy to hear his voice and to have my wish come true! That's all I wanted for our anniversary today! And that would have been enough for me...but I was even luckier and got to talk to him for a whole 20 minutes! Since we were getting ready to leave, Grandma and Grandpa walked us back to the car and watched Alegria while I talked to Cameron on the phone. When they finally had to get going back to their respective offices, Grandpa had already strapped Alegria into her car seat, so I just put in her Signing Time dvd so that I could keep talking to Cameron. I was on cloud nine!!!!!!!!!


We finally had to hang up, but my joy was full!!! I am the happiest woman on the face of this earth! Not only because I'm married to my perfect companion, but because he's so perfect, he knew exactly what I needed and found a way to call me!!!

*sigh* :)

Finally back home, Alegria and I took a nap.

When we woke up (me, still with the hugest grin on the planet!), I decided it would be a good time to start packing. While I did so, Alegria learned how to climb in and out of her pack-n-play:

Then I took a break and began to wrap up Kellen and Britney's wedding gift. We bought them the two sets of glasses and the silverware that they requested on their registry. I wanted to get them something they'd use every day so they could think of us every day! :)

Here's Alegria's attempt at helping me wrap the gift...not much help, actually! Just looking at herself in the mirror! Sometimes I think she acts more like an 18-year old than an 18-month old!!!

When Grandma and Grandpa got home from their Addiction Recovery class, we were ready for bed, but still up and waiting for them, on this our last night in Montana. :(

Grandma and Alegria looked through a book together:

And then Alegria stole Grandpa's hat one last time:

So that was our day...this day that marked five years since Cameron and I got married in the Billings, Montana LDS Temple...sealed together for Time and All Eternity.

Cameron will be deploying this fall...that's why he's in training at NTC right now. They're getting ready to deploy on September 1st. Sure, this will be our first deployment, but we've been preparing ourselves for this for a while now. Some may wonder how we can deal with this...not only with the separation, but also with the unknown of Cameron's safety. Some may even think it's gruesome for us to think of what may happen...to know that Cameron and I even talk about these "what ifs." To Cameron and me, it's a part of our every day life.

And I say to those who ask, that because Cameron and I are married in the Holy House of the Lord, in the Temple, because we have made sacred covenants to our Heavenly Father and to each other, that we know that no matter when either one of us dies, whether it be right here right now, or in the battle field for Cameron, we know that we'll see each other again in Heaven...that we'll continue to be spouses to each other after this life, as long as we continue to hold true to the promises that we made five years ago today. And with this, we have peace. Such are the blessings of our Temple marriage. Knowledge and Peace. Our love surpasses anything and everything and FOREVER truly will be attained.

Happy Anniversary, Baby! I love you so much more today than I did yesterday, but so much less than I will tomorrow...for all Eternity!

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