Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sweet Little Aimee

I should have woken up earlier, but I truly believed I could be fast getting everything done this morning...!  Yeah...when does that ever happen...?

By the time I'd completely woken up and gotten all of my cake decorating tools out, it was 7:38 when I began decorating my giant cookie cake.  I had a vision...and it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself!!!  :)

It was 8:44 when I finished decorating the cookie cake...well, and intermittently, I had taken a short break to get Alegria and Odette some breakfast.  Thank you, Pillsbury, for inventing Toaster Strudels!  Quick, and they love them!  :)

While the girls finished up breakfast and watched a show on TV, I quickly showered and got ready.

Then I threw a few food items in the diaper bag, along with snacks and waters and we left.

We got to Lindsey's place at 10:16, but I still had no makeup on, so I put some eyeliner, blush, and lipgloss on, and we finally went inside.

Alegria and Odette immediately went to Acelyn's room to play with their friends and the oh, so many toys!  The girls had sure missed their friends during break!

There were a few meltdowns on Odette's part.  She's still learning the concept of sharing...

Alegria found a cute Rudolph stuffed toy and since we'd watched the show so many times, surprise, surprise, both girls wanted the toy.  So I had to put the timer on and let each of them have a 5-minute turn.  When it was Odette's turn, she was so happy!

Playing with something else until it's her turn again:

The kids could finally not wait any longer and we cut the cookie cake.  I'm too tired right now and too lazy to copy pictures from Amanda's blog because I didn't take so many today of the cake cutting and eating, but you can view those here.  

Next week will be a tea-party theme at the Gallaghers' place in honor of Lacey and Mollie's upcoming birthdays, the following week, Cameron will be home on pass, and the week after, we'll be saying goodbye to our household goods and leaving Georgia, so that's why I decided to present our playgroup friends with a special cookie cake today.  Boy, we were sure lucky to have some of our friends from Fort Hood be here in Georgia with us for a little while...and we sure will miss them when we leave.  Such is Army life.  Buuuuut...we are so excited to be moving to Hawaii soon!!!  :)

Back to playgroup...

It was also sweet little Aimee's first time at playgroup!  I had met her once before during the holidays when I dropped Alegria and Odette off at the Gallaghers so that Cameron and I could go on a zombie-killing date, but today was super special because I actually got to hold her!!!  She's still so tiny a month after being born, and she's so super sweet!  I could have held her longer if she hadn't decided to have a messy diaper...!  :)

Baby Rhett and Aimee looked quite enthralled with each other!

Odette had another meltdown a little later over another toy, so I tried to distract her and took her to a room away from the other kids so she could calm down.  It took her a while, but she finally did calm down and with a yummy cream cheese and goldfish bagel in front of her, she finally felt better.  

Alegria also had a simple lunch:

Chatting with the ladies:

We left later than I was expecting and we got to school late.  We ended up having to go to the front office to get a visitor's pass for me and a tardy slip for Alegria before taking her to her classroom.  Oops.

Odette and I took naps when we got home, then we went to go pick Alegria up...not late.  :)

Back home, I was so tired from having only slept about 3 hours last night, that I didn't want to do anything.  I read books to the girls, cuddled with them, we watched a movie, and then it was dinner time.

While the girls had dinner, I read over Cameron's letter.  I failed to mention yesterday that I got a letter from him, but I did.  That TOTALLY made my day and I'm still so excited about it!!!  :)  I always carry around with me the most recent letter he sends me, so I just carried it with me wherever I went today and read it multiple times all throughout the day.  :)

We read the scriptures, I got them ready for bed and then we counted down the days until Daddy's graduation from Ranger School:

By the you notice Alegria's crazy hair?  When I picked her up from school, that's how it looked.  She had taken out her hairbows AND her ponytails.  So me fixing her hair had been to no avail.  *sigh*  Hahaha!  Oh well!  :)

Now the girls are in bed, I've jogged for an hour on my elliptical, lifted weights, done some abs work and now I'm going to go join them in my bed!

Sleep tight everyone!!!  :)

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