Friday, January 18, 2013


Playing with balloons is always fun!!!

After picking Alegria up from school, we went to Customs and Rods in Columbus to get the DVD player in the Jeep replaced (hopefully we won't have any more issues with it!).  On the way there, Alegria fell asleep.  She is loving being a big girl in a booster seat, but without a headrest, it doesn't look like the best sleeping spot!

Back home, Alegria was so excited about her homework that she went right to work on creating her very own snowman!

Of course, Odette had to do some "homework," too!  :)

I promise you, her hair did NOT look like this when I dropped her off at school!  Hahaha!

I let Alegria have a few of my craft supplies, like giant googly eyes, cotton, yarn, buttons...

Once her snowman was done and drying, she drew and cut out an elephant for Odette:

Playing with blocks is fun...

...and so is playing with Alegria's toys while she's occupied with cutting and coloring in the living room...!!!

While I was with Odette in the playroom, Alegria was up to this:

And then I tried to go in the kitchen and found this:

I then tried to go to the kitchen through the dining room and found this:

What in the world...?!  (Excuse my dirty laundry basket!!!)

The end of the night came and we counted down one day closer to Daddy coming home:

Once the girls were in bed, I was about to go upload pictures to the computer in the office and found myself blocked off again!

Alegria sure left her mark!!!

Alegria keeps me on my toes!  :)

Good night everyone!!!  :)

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