Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Our morning was more of the same today...lazy time waking up, breakfast, working out...

When I let Isis out at one point, she looked back at me for a few seconds and I noticed something odd about her.  Can you see the oddity that I saw...?

How about now...?

Maybe now you can see it...  :)

Yes!  The necklace!  Alegria had put it on her and I didn't even notice it until she was looking at me from a certain angle outside!  I let her back in immediately and had Alegria take it off of her so that Isis didn't either pull it off or accidentally snag it on something and hurt herself, choke herself, or break it.  It looks kind of cute on her, though, don't you think?  :)

Give me angry!  That's it!  That's it!

Now how about playful...?  Good!  Good!

Now give me sexy!  Yes!  Nice!

Now happy!  You got it!  You GOT it!  That's a wrap!

Speaking of oddities...while I was in the kitchen getting the girls some juice to wash down their lunch with, I noticed something odd about Alegria.  Can you tell what it is...?  ;)

Boy, she sure makes me laugh!!!  :)

The rest of the day was pretty low-key.  We took Alegria to school and then Odette and I met up with a soldier at the Shopette near Alegria's school to sell him the buttstock from Cameron's DPMS M4, since Cameron got a new one of a different color for Christmas.  

Then Odette and I came home, where Odette took a nap and I made a phone call to my friend, Joy, who just moved to Hawaii.  I had some travel-related questions to inquire of her.  I can't believe we'll be there in about a month and a half!!! It just dawned on me today how close we are to moving!!!  YIKES!!!!!!!!!!

After picking Alegria up from school, we came home and relaxed.  I baked a giant cookie to decorate for playgroup tomorrow and the girls colored.  We cuddled, too.

Dinner time came and Alegria was taking forever to finish her dinner, so Odette and I danced to some 90s music while we waited for her to be done!  Odette chose Elmo as her dance partner:

Notice the necklace is now gracing his neck...?  :)

Alegria finally announced that she was done eating...but when I came back to the dinner table to check and I saw that every single morsel of food was gone, I became suspicious because I recall having had to tell Isis to step away from Alegria and the dinner table while I was in the living room with Odette...and I also remembered Alegria being the one to call Isis to her a few times during the time Odette and I were occupied in the living room...  I asked Alegria if she had given Isis her food, but Alegria denied it, so I believed her and excused her from the table.  I'll have to remember to always leave Isis out during meal times so there's no handing out food samples...just in case...

Then we watched some TV.  Some days I don't have the energy to repeat over and over again to the girls to clean up their toys and crayons.  Today was one of those days, so while they watched their show, I put away all of their toys.  As I was doing so, I came across another oddity...can you see what it is...?

Hahaha!!!  Alegria is so imaginative!!!  This is a cat's toy mouse that Alegria had been playing with at my sister's place when we were there at Thanksgiving (it was brand-new and unopened in the package at that time when Alegria found it and my sister, Nefilinda, graciously let her adopt two of these critters and bring them home.  Do you remember, Nefilinda?) :)

What an ingenious mouse trap!  Using the laptop cord's holder (I don't know what it's called!)...I would NOT have thought of that to catch a mouse!  Hahaha!!!  :)

Finally it was bath time and as I was rounding up the girls to herd them into the bathroom, I just had to get a picture of Odette, who was cuddling Elmo and sushing him to sleep, wearing these cute glasses!

After bath, the girls sang for me.  It was too cute!

In this one I was able to capture Odette mimicking Alegria's hands at the beginning!

Then we did our countdown:

They are the CUTEST things on the planet!!!!!!!!!!

Alegria's favorite sleep-time song, even at nap time, used to be "Baby Mine."  Now it's Odette's, and for some reason, Alegria has been telling me recently that it makes her sick.  Today she told me after I sang it: "You saw Mom!  It made me sick!  It made me itchy!"  I really don't know why she's changed her tune, but I have to constantly remind her that it's only fair to let Odette have her favorite song sung since Alegria has her favorite song sung to her at bedtime, too.  It happens to be "Part of That World" from The Little Mermaid right now.

*sigh*  Oh well.  What else can I do?

After the girls were in bed, I finished washing and drying the laundry.  Tomorrow will be folding day.  

I visited on the phone with a new friend, Brittany, about a new business venture, and then I jogged on my elliptical and lifted dumbbells.

It's been a busy day!

Now I'm going to go to bed and then wake up early to decorate my giant cookie cake!!!

Sweet dreams, y'all!!!  :)

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